A Comprehensive Guide: Challenges and Tips for Purchasing Human Hair Wigs
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By UHAIR | 10 April 2018 | 0 Comments

A Comprehensive Guide: Challenges and Tips for Purchasing Human Hair Wigs

Today, I'm here to talk about human hair wig buying. I'd like to give you guys a resource and talk a little bit about the challenges with buying human hair wigs, what I've learned, and maybe some helpful tips if you're in the market or think you may be in the market to purchase human hair in the future. So, if you want to know more about this topic, then stick around.

Human Hair Wig Buying: A Challenging Journey
Human hair wig buying is so challenging, way more, in my opinion, than synthetic, for a couple of reasons. Number one: the price point. Human hair wigs are expensive. There are some budget-friendly options out there, but even "budget-friendly" is expensive, especially if you're looking to get high-quality human hair that's going to last you a long time. A lot of the retailers out there are small, independent boutique sellers who may not have any employees at all. They do all the work themselves, ship out themselves, and provide customer service themselves. Some may have one or two employees who help with customer service, but they're the only one who actually works on the wigs.

From Boutique Sellers to Custom Pieces: Navigating the Market
Let me give you an example. First of all, before I give you this example, I'd like to just tell you I have a document linked in the description that will I started a list of just wig retailers in general, both synthetic and beautifulwigs, so that if you're wondering where you can purchase a wig, you can go to that list and take a look at what I've curated so far. It's a live document, and I'm constantly updating it when I learn about new resources. So, I would recommend that you bookmark it so that you can visit it regularly to see what the updates are. And I also have a tab—it's a Google Sheets, so it's like a spreadsheet—I also have a tab of human hair customization experts. They can actually help fix your wigs. I will talk about that in a future video, but today I just want you to know that that resource exists.

My First Example: The Boutique Experience
My first example of a small boutique seller that can be really difficult to get a ginger human hair wig from is UHAIR Hair. This is a wig from UHAIR. Ally is the owner and the wig artist. She, at this time, is the only one who colors and customizes these pieces. I think she has gotten some help with customer service, uh, but it's very hard to get a wig from Stacked because she is so incredibly popular. She does such good work, and she doesn't carry a ton of pieces. So, this is kind of the one end of the spectrum of wig purchasing that is the most difficult. They sell out really, really quickly.

The Challenge of Impulse Purchases and Finding the Right Fit
So, I purchased this piece from Ally, um, I don't even know now, eight months ago or so, and I was so lucky to be able to snag her. So, Ally does wig drops two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM Central Time. She posts the red wigs human hair that are going to drop prior to it going live, sometimes the day before, sometimes just the morning before. So, you do have an opportunity to view what's going to be for sale, which is huge. She didn't used to do that, and so you wouldn't know what was going to post until it went live at 7 PM, and they sell out within an hour or two hours, most of the time. So, she is hard to get away from and so popular, and so this a situation like this can cause people to make impulse purchases. You're so afraid you're going to miss out, and that it's going to be gone, and you can't take the time that you need to really assess whether or not it's the right piece for you, and you buy it anyway. That's one extreme, and it's a difficult, difficult journey. And I have heard from so many women who've made not just with Ally and UHAIR but other retailers who've made these impulse purchases because they were just afraid it was going to sell out, and then it turns out it wasn't right for them. Most of these human hair retailers do have restocking fees for return. Some do not even take returns, but most that do have a restocking fee. So, while you can return it, there is a cost to that, and it can become quite expensive if that happens to you.

Another Option: Custom Pieces
And another option when it comes to human hair wig purchases is purchasing a custom piece. So, there are some retailers out there that will do custom pieces for you. UHAIR Wigs is a great example of that. So, this is a piece from UHAIR Wigs. Um, she puts "

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