Achieving Stunning Styles with UHAIR Black Body Wave Bundles: An In-Depth Review
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By UHAIR | 08 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Achieving Stunning Styles with UHAIR Black Body Wave Bundles: An In-Depth Review

Hey everyone! Today, I'm sharing my final thoughts on the UHAIR blonde bundles I purchased a while back. 
Previously, I reviewed the closure and deep wave bundles separately: I have a 20-inch 5x5 skin light closure and bundles in 24, 26, and 28 inches. Since my last update, I added another 28-inch bundle. Here's why and how I feel about the results:

Achieving Stunning Styles with UHAIR Black Body Wave Bundles: An In-Depth Review
Styling and Wear
90% Curled: I mostly wore this hair curled or in soft waves. I wouldn't say I like flat hair, but the thin ends become noticeable when it straightens out.
Length Issues: Initially, I mentioned the ends and lengths weren't true to size, leading to see-through ends. With lengths over 22 inches, I prefer doubling or tripling curly bundles for density. For natural sew-ins, getting two 30-inch bundles is better than mixing lengths.
Re-making the Wig
Third Bundle: I remade my wig to add a third 28-inch bundle. This required transferring the hair to a new dome cap, but the new cap didn't fit well, so I reverted to my original cap.
Consistent Quality: The new 28-inch bundle matched the quality of the original bundles. After remaking the wig three times, the hair maintained its integrity with no increase in shedding.
Coloring: I colored the new bundle to match the others and the process did not affect the hair quality.
Styling Process
Tools Used: I use various heat tools and products to style this hair, including curling irons, flat irons, Marcel irons, waving wands, and hot combs. I also bleached the knots and plucked the hairline.
Pin Curls: For this video, I did pin curls. I prefer imperfect, natural-looking curls.
Edge Maintenance: I style my edges once and keep them in place, rarely changing the part.

Pros and Cons

Affordable price
No smell
Minimal shedding
Flexible purchase options
Maintains integrity after extensive manipulation
Quick shipping

Thin ends at longer lengths, but acceptable given the price point

Closure Pros and Cons:

Good price
High quality
Blends well
Available in 20 inches for easier blending with natural hair

Beards on the lace
Not fully pre-plucked as advertised

Maintenance Tips
No Sleeping in the Wig:
I remove the wig at night.
Eco Styler Gel and Mousse: I use these on my edges. Eco Styler alone makes edges crunchy, but mousse softens them and prevents white flakes.
Minimal Products: I use a bit of grapeseed oil on the ends and heat protectant when styling.
The closure has been amazing, better than what I used to sell. I already repurchased bundles to make a bob, so stay tuned for that!

Achieving Stunning Styles with UHAIR Black Body Wave Bundles: An In-Depth Review
If you're looking for quality black bundles, UHAIR is a great choice for the price. They offer various textures, but I prefer body waves.

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