Do Human Hair Wigs Get Frizzy
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By UHAIR | 19 June 2024 | 0 Comments

Do Human Hair Wigs Get Frizzy

Hello everyone! Today, I'm excited to share a fantastic wig hack I recently discovered that will keep your Human Hair wigs from tangling. If you're tired of dealing with knotted, matted wigs, this trick is for you. I learned this technique from Zuzu’s Life, and it has been a game-changer. This hack involves using thinning shears, which you might already have or can easily purchase online. Let's dive into the details!

What You'll Need
To perform this hack, you only need two tools:

Thinning Shears: These can be found on Amazon or in any beauty supply store. They often come in a set with regular hair-cutting scissors.
Wig Brush: Essential for brushing out the hair during the process.

Step-by-Step Guide
Step 1: Brush Your Wig
Before you start cutting, thoroughly brush your wig to remove any existing tangles. This will make the process smoother.

Step 2: Section Your Wig
Take a small section of your wig, about 1-2 inches wide. You can adjust the size based on your comfort.

Step 3: Cut with Thinning Shears
Using your thinning shears, make 4-5 small cuts along the length of the section. The cuts should be spaced evenly. This technique mimics the natural variation in human hair length, which helps prevent tangling.

Step 4: Brush Out the Hair
After cutting, brush out the section to remove the excess hair. This step will also slightly thin out your wig, which can make it feel lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Step 5: Repeat
Continue this process section by section until you have covered the entire wig. It might take a little time, but the results are worth it!

Testing the Hack
Once you've completed the process, it's time to test your newly tangle-free wig. Put on the wig and go about your usual activities. I noticed an immediate difference in how easily I could run my fingers through the hair. Even after simulating a busy day (including a virtual roller coaster ride!), my wig remained manageable and easy to brush through.

Final Thoughts
This wig hack has made a significant difference in the wearability of my Human Hair wigs. Not only does it reduce tangling, but it also thins out the wig slightly, making it more comfortable for extended wear. If you're dealing with tangled wigs, give this method a try.

Additional Tips
Density Considerations: This hack works best on wigs with a higher density (140-150%). For wigs with a lower density, you might not need to thin them out as much.
Caring for Curly Wigs: For curly wigs, use your fingers to detangle and maintain the curls instead of a brush.

Thank you for checking out this wig hack tutorial! I hope you find it as helpful as I did. A big shoutout to Zuzu’s Life for sharing this amazing trick. Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you in the comments below. Happy wig-wearing!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, and don’t forget to subscribe for the latest updates. See you next time!


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