How Much Should Pop Smoke Braids Cost?
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By UHAIR | 01 June 2010 | 0 Comments

How Much Should Pop Smoke Braids Cost?

How Much Should Pop Smoke Braids Cost?

Pop Smoke, the late rapper known for his unique style and music, made a lasting impression not only in the music industry but also in the world of fashion and hairstyles. His iconic "Pop Smoke braids" have become a popular trend, often referred to as "peekaboo braids" or "peek-a-boo knotless braids." In this blog, we'll explore everything you need to know about Pop Smoke braids, including their cost, styles, and the essence of this trendy hairstyle.

Understanding Pop Smoke Braids:

Pop Smoke braids are a distinct hairstyle characterized by their unique combination of knotless box braids and a contrasting color pattern. These braids are designed to create a peek-a-boo effect, with one color of braids framing the face while the contrasting color is hidden within the braids. This style not only adds flair but also allows for creative and expressive color combinations.

Cost of Pop Smoke Braids:

The cost of getting Pop Smoke braids can vary widely depending on several factors:

Location: Prices can differ significantly based on your geographical location. Major cities or upscale salons may charge more for this trendy style.

Stylist's Experience: An experienced stylist who specializes in intricate braiding styles may charge more for their expertise.

Braid Length and Size: The length and size of the braids will affect the cost. Longer and smaller braids generally require more time and effort, thus increasing the price.

Hair Quality: If you choose premium synthetic or human hair extensions for your braids, it can add to the overall cost.

Color Selection: The number of colors and the complexity of the peek-a-boo pattern can impact the price. Intricate color combinations may require more time and skill.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $400 or more for Pop Smoke braids, including the cost of hair extensions.

Styles and Variations:

Pop Smoke braids offer a wide range of styles and variations to suit your preferences. Here are a few popular options:

Classic Peekaboo Braids: This style features a subtle contrast between the visible and hidden braids, creating a chic and understated look.

Bold Color Contrasts: For a striking appearance, opt for vibrant color combinations that make the hidden braids pop.

Chunky Knotless Braids: Choose thicker braids for a more dramatic effect that showcases the peek-a-boo pattern.

Tribute Styles: Some individuals choose to incorporate symbols, names, or designs within their peekaboo braids as a tribute to Pop Smoke.

Braid Length: Experiment with different braid lengths to achieve your desired level of drama and style.


Pop Smoke braids have taken the world of hairstyling by storm, offering a unique blend of knotless box braids and creative color patterns. When considering the cost of getting these trendy braids, keep in mind that factors like location, stylist expertise, braid length, hair quality, and color choices will influence the final price. Whether you opt for a classic peekaboo style or a bold and vibrant look, Pop Smoke braids are a stylish and expressive choice that allows you to embrace your individuality in the ever-evolving world of hair fashion.


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