How to Achieve the Perfect Half Up Half Down Quick Weave
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By UHAIR | 20 June 2024 | 0 Comments

How to Achieve the Perfect Half Up Half Down Quick Weave

Are you ready to transform your look with a stylish and versatile hairstyle? The half-up half half-down quick weave is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of glam without spending hours in the salon. In this step-by-step guide, I'll show you how to achieve the perfect half up half down quick weave right at home.

Starting with freshly washed hair
If you don't already know, Pattern Beauty is the number one blow dryer. It gets my hair dry in a crazy amount of time, making it my go-to. I'm teaming up with Aeria to share their kinky straight bundles and some products you need to achieve the style. This is going to be a quick weave.

How to Achieve the Perfect Half Up Half Down Quick Weave
Hair History
About a year and a half ago, I tried micro-links, which were trending. My wigs human hair was just about this length, maybe a bit longer, and I completely damaged it with heat and tension from the links, causing a lot of breakage. Over six months, my hair slowly chopped itself off. I decided to cut off about an inch, maybe even two, every three months to grow my hair out healthily. Now, it's been a year and a few months, and my hair is back to its natural, fluffy state.

Preparing for Blow Drying
I've pre-sectioned my hair to make the blow-drying process smoother. My favorite heat protectant is the Maani Thermal Protectant. Using the Pattern Beauty blow dryer, I can dry my hair in about 10-15 minutes without compromising its integrity. My hair looks super full and healthy.

Hair Type and Care
I have very coarse hair, probably a 4A, sometimes a 4B, or even a 4C in some areas. Each strand is fine but coarse, making it appear frizzy and sometimes dull. I use a rinse to give my hair a deeper black sheen. Providing nutrients through food, diet, and water is essential for hair health. I have a very loose scalp, so I need to hold my hair carefully while styling.

How to Achieve the Perfect Half Up Half Down Quick Weave
Quick Weave Process
Base Setup: Apply edge control mixed with black castor oil to lock in moisture. I use Red by KISS braid gel for its conditioning and hold.
Protective Cap: Place a bob wig cap over the entire head to prevent sagging.
Applying Protectant: Use a glossy, shiny protectant to act as a barrier. Dry it with a blow dryer or hooded dryer.
Track Preparation: Straighten each track before gluing to save time later.
Time Management: I start getting ready about four hours before an event for the freshest look.
Track Installation: Stack the tracks and glue them to the cap, smoothing with a comb and hairspray.
Ponytail Formation: Use a headband scrunchie for the base and wrap hair around it.

Ponytail Styling Tips
Edges: Flat iron edges at meager heat (250°) and pump up hairspray on an edge brush.
Ponytail Base: Use protective strips to wrap the base before applying glue.
Finishing Touches: Smooth the ponytail with hairspray and a blow dryer.

How to Achieve the Perfect Half Up Half Down Quick Weave
I'm committed to a healthy hair journey and prefer handling my hair myself. This builds a strong bond with my hair and allows me to manage it better. I have a mix of fine and coarse hair, which needs specific care to look its best. I share my journey to help others feel less alone in their hair process and provide practical advice.

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