How to Do Bubble Braids?
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By UHAIR | 14 January 2003 | 0 Comments

How to Do Bubble Braids?

How to Do Bubble Braids?

Wigs provide a canvas of endless hairstyling possibilities, and one trend that's caught the attention of many is the wig bubble braids. French bubble braids offer a unique and playful twist to traditional braiding techniques, creating a chic and eye-catching look. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating captivating wig bubble braids that will make you stand out with style and flair.

How to Do Bubble Braids?

Step 1: Gather Your Materials
To embark on your wig bubble braid journey, ensure you have the right tools at your disposal. You'll need a wig of your choice, hair elastics (clear or matching the wig color), a comb, hairpins, and optionally, decorative accessories like ribbons or pins.

Step 2: Prepare Your Wig
Before you begin styling, ensure your wig is clean and well-maintained. Gently detangle the wig hair using a wide-tooth comb, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. This will ensure smooth and even braiding.

Step 3: Section and Secure
Part the wig hair down the middle to create two equal sections. Use hairpins or clips to secure one section while you work on the other. This will help keep your styling process organized.

Step 4: Create the First Bubble
Starting with one section of the wig hair, gather the hair into a swoop ponytail at your desired height. Secure it with a hair elastic. This initial ponytail will be the foundation of your first bubble.

Step 5: Inflate the Bubble
To create the bubble effect, gently pull and loosen the hair between the hair elastic and the wigs caps. Adjust the tension to achieve your preferred bubble size. Hold the base of the bubble with one hand and use the other hand to softly tug on the hair to add volume.

Step 6: Secure and Repeat
Once you've achieved the desired bubble size, secure it in place by wrapping another hair elastic around the bubble, about an inch or two below the first one. This secures the bubble while maintaining its shape. Release the second section of the wig hair and repeat steps 4 to 6.

Step 7: Continue Bubbling
Continue creating bubbles down the length of both wig sections, maintaining an even gap between each bubble. To enhance the bubble effect, gently pull on the sides of each bubble to make them appear more pronounced and voluminous.

Step 8: Secure Loose Strands
Use hairpins to secure any loose strands or bubbles that need extra support. This will help maintain the integrity of the bubble braids and prevent them from unraveling.

Step 9: Add Accessories (Optional)
For an added touch of creativity, consider incorporating decorative accessories between each bubble. Ribbons, pins, or jewels can be strategically placed to enhance the overall look of your wig bubble braids.

Step 10: Set with Hairspray
Once you're satisfied with the arrangement and appearance of your wig bubble braids, lightly mist the entire hairstyle with hairspray. This step will help set the style and keep any flyaways in check.

Wig bubble braids offer a fresh and captivating hairstyle that allows you to express your unique style and creativity. By following these step-by-step instructions and incorporating your personal touches, you'll master the art of creating stunning wig bubble braids that are perfect for various occasions. So, embrace your inner hairstylist, adorn your wig with delightful bubbles, and step out with confidence and flair!

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