How to Wash Wig Human Hair?
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By UHAIR | 05 May 2024 | 0 Comments

How to Wash Wig Human Hair?

Washing a curly human hair wig requires gentle care to maintain its quality and appearance. Here's a step-by-step guide:

How to Wash Wig Human Hair?
I'm going to show you guys how I wash and maintain my red human hair wigs. I will be using only conditioner and a wide-toothed comb. You can use any conditioner that you prefer, but I really love the smell of the brand I use. It's really legit, and I even use it on my daughter. So, whatever works on natural hair will work amazingly with these wigs because they are 100% virgin hair.

So, I like to use a bowl. You can use any container, but it just helps to make it easier to manage and control when you're washing your full lace wig. You want to allow it to soak into that conditioner.

This wig is an HD lace, and because of that, it is a lot more delicate. So, you definitely want to be careful whether it's HD or any lace, for that matter, so you don't cause any unnecessary tugging or damage.

Now, you'll see me just working that conditioner into the hair. Again, you don't have to do much; there's no rubbing required. You just want to massage it into the hair gently, making sure you get it all over. Once you do that, then you can take the wide-toothed comb and run it through.

I just like to dip it in and out of the water over and over because, as you can see, the conditioner kind of stays clumped. That's why I like to mix it in the water first and loosen it up a bit. You don't exactly have to do it that way; it just tends to be the way I do it the most.

I've had so many questions on how I maintain my wigs, and it really is a big part of how long your wig will stay nice. If you're not moisturizing the hair, it's going to get dry, and dryness leads to breakage. You don't want the hair falling off your lace because that's what happens when it gets dry and crusty.

So, that's why you see me washing this unit before I even installed it, especially with curlier textures. You want to moisturize that hair so it's easier when you go to install it because while the hair is damp, it's a lot better to mold it into whatever style you like. If you know you want a middle part or a side part, this is the time to do it because then it can dry in that style, and when you go and put it on, the hard work is already done.

Now with the combing, of course, you always want to go from the bottom to the top because you don't want to cause any more tangles or push tangles down into the lace front wigs human hair, which will cause more tugging, pulling, and damage. Now I'm going to let it sit, and I believe I let this one sit for an hour. Sometimes I let it sit overnight; it just depends on how much time you have. Of course, the longer, the better.

Look how beautiful and gorgeous this hair is. It's sleek, it's conditioned, and it's ready to be styled. So, this is what you want to achieve every time you wash your unit. It's not really about rubbing; it's just about moisturizing and bringing the curl pattern or whatever texture it is to life.

Now is the easy part. You just want to rinse it out. I'm not very picky on this part. Again, I still want to use cold water but mainly just to get off any excess and chunks. It does tend to want to stick to it. So, you may have to spend a little more time on the inside of the cap removing that excess conditioner. But if you don't get it 100% out, it's okay because the conditioner won't hurt the hair; it will only make it better, and it also smells amazing.

Take your time on this part; no need to rush. You really only have to squeeze the hair, and that would be enough. Also, a second option is going ahead and grabbing your bowl or container and just submerging the hair in it in and out to make sure you get off any excess. Either way is fine. Sometimes I use a combination of both just to make sure it's nice and rinsed.

How to Wash Wig Human Hair?
Now, I'm just taking that comb and running it through. I do this just to break up the curls, and then from there, you can go on to styling it. But mainly, you just want to let it air dry. Anyway, you want to either lay it on a towel or if you have a wig stand, that's perfect. Just put something down below so it catches on that excess water.

That's it. She is washed and ready to go. The frequency of doing this is totally up to you and how often you wear your unit. For me, this is kind of a monthly maintenance at best because I don't wear them very often. I just want to keep them moisturized and ready to go when I need them. And this is how she looks all wet. As you see, I went ahead and set my part because that's the easiest time to do it.


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