UHAIR Body Wave Pre Plucked Lace Front Wig- Beginner Friendly
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By UHAIR | 12 April 2024 | 0 Comments

UHAIR Body Wave Pre Plucked Lace Front Wig- Beginner Friendly

This exquisite wig offers a stunning body wave texture in a sleek black color, providing a timeless and versatile look for any occasion. With a luxurious 180% density, it offers fullness and volume that beautifully complements your natural hair.

One of the standout features of this long hair wig is its meticulously crafted baby hair hairline, which is pre-plucked to perfection for a seamless blend with your hairline. This attention to detail ensures a realistic and natural appearance, allowing you to wear the wig with confidence.

The lace front design of the glueless human hair wig enhances its realism by creating the illusion of a natural hairline, giving you the freedom to style the hair away from your face with ease. Additionally, the wig comes with baby hairs around the perimeter, further enhancing its natural look and allowing for versatile styling options.

Whether you're looking to enhance your everyday style or make a statement for a special occasion, the UHAIR Body Wave Black 180% Density Wig is sure to impress. Experience the beauty and convenience of a premium quality wig that is pre-styled and ready to wear right out of the box.

Thanks for Sherelle's Share and Review: 

this is a loose body wave texture that parts space how big this parting space area is it already comes pre- bleach so you're not going to have to go in and do anything, it comes with two Combs on the side the B cap-like on I'm as far as the fit goes I feel like it is just a little bit too big back here I do like that this doesn't have any ear tabs because it was very easy for me to kind of like tuck this behind my ear and this is laying down really nice and flat now for extra security I personally would go in because I do have a small head and place some bobby pins on the side I also would probably Rock a wig grip so that I don't have to worry about it slipping and sliding, and I am noticing some room back here in this area also what the hairline is looking like so you're not going to have to go in and do any plucking look at that parting space that looks really good yes you can move your parting space around if you choose to oh I really don't want to mess up these curls but okay there's the Pary wham bam I can already tell this is going to be a super easy install the curls are already done all I'm going to have to worry about is cutting off the lace this lace area is pretty big which I like because it's giving like the frontal look without having to commit to a frontal, I'm not sure if I'm going to use some mousse or if I'm going to use the lace putty because I don't think I'm going to have to do a lot I don't think a lot needs to be done to this hairline so I just want this to be quick and  even good things me any time to install this unit they do have this label as their ready to go wig and they were not playing around it's definitely beginner-friendly ready to go ready to wear the only thing you have to do is cut your lace off and fluff out the curls this is really nice and thin so I didn't have any issues with getting that to lay down once I cut the lace off I was already impressed but I did go in with my lace putty just a very thin layer and that was to help kind of lay it down and give me some more security and then on the side I did have to go in with some bobby pins because it is slightly too big on my head especially in the nape area if you do have a small head make sure to check the website to see if they offer a smaller cap I use a little bit of lighter powder in this area they did bleach the knots it was just coming off a little bit red in certain areas so the lighter powder helped it to blend in more and also match my skin tone I didn't have to go in with any powder in The Parting space area it's already nice and open it's give scalp they did a really really good job with bleaching the knots go in with some serum because I am noticing some frizziness and some flyaways if I turn to the side you'll notice a few shorter hairs popping up and then also you'll see some fizziness from you fluffing out the hair notice a little bit of snacks going on towards the nape area and also towards the ends on this I feel like it's nice it doesn't feel heavy on my head but of course, with this hair curled up like this I feel like it looks a little bit fluffier when you wash the hair I do think it's going to give off a more natural everyday type of look in this area right here even though I can't see any tracks when I turn around I do wish they would have added just a little bit more hair not too much just a little bit is definitely a beginner but if you are not a beginner it's great for you also because look I want to always have to worry about bleaching knots plucking the hairline at this point the companies are giving it to you just ready so you shouldn't even have to purchase wigs that you have to do too much work to like who want to do all that when you have many options know what you guys think about this one and if you've purchased any ready-to-go wigs or ready-to-wear wigs from the company, just place your order now.

Upgrade your hair game with the UHAIR Body Wave Black 180% Density Wig with Baby Hair Hairline Pre-Plucked Human Hair Lace Front Wig with Bangs today!

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