UHAIR Yaki Bob Wig Install Review
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By UHAIR | 17 June 2024 | 0 Comments

UHAIR Yaki Bob Wig Install Review

Hey everyone! How are you doing today? I hope you’re doing well because I’m feeling fantastic. Tonight is another cozy night in with a fabulous new wig—this one’s so good, it feels like it's my own hair. Today, we’re diving into a new scalp—yes, a new wig from UHAIR! Who’s been wearing wigs all spring? Raise your hand, friend!

UHAIR Yaki Bob Wig Install Review
Now, let’s dive into this cozy night in. If you’re new here, cozy night in is where I do my makeup and hair, and we just hang out together. Grab a drink or a snack, and let’s get into it. Tonight, we’re doing a full face of powder—no liquid makeup at all. This is my new spring routine, perfect for oily skin.

I’ve also got a new curly wig to match the spring vibes. This one is a 10-inch light Yaky Bob from UHAIR. It’s pre-plucked with kinky edges, giving it a natural look. The hairline is perfect, and the price point is unbeatable. Huge thanks to UHAIR for sponsoring this video and providing this gorgeous wig!

UHAIR Yaki Bob Wig Install Review
Let's break down how I applied the black human hair wig. First, it comes with four combs, adjustable straps, and a piano key elastic band. I prepped my base with a wig grip, used my hot comb at 270° to flatten the hairline a bit, and then cut the lace in a zigzag motion. I used B Hole Gel to lay back my edges and Kiss adhesive spray to secure the wig.

After securing the bob wig, I used a lace tint to make the lace blend seamlessly with my skin. Then, I flattened the part with a hot comb and trimmed the ends to get rid of any dry bits. I styled the wig to give it a natural, everyday look.

For the makeup, I started with a vitamin-enriched pressed powder in Peach from Bobbi Brown as a concealer substitute. I applied it to the high points of my face, like under the eyes, forehead, and chin. Next, I used the Bobbi Brown bronzer in Deep to add some color around my forehead and contour my nose.

For blush, I used Beauty Bakerie’s Freshly Baked Snackaroo blush, adding a healthy glow to my cheeks and nose. I set the under-eye powder with Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder in Golden Almond. To blend everything together, I went over my face with the Black Radiance powder in Creamy Bronze.

UHAIR Yaki Bob Wig Install Review
I defined my eyebrows with NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Espresso, added a bit of Bobbi Brown highlighter in Quartz Glow to the high points of my cheeks, and finished everything with a setting spray to melt the powders into my skin.

Lastly, I applied a waterproof lip liner from Too Faced in Fierce Vibes Only to complete the look. This powder routine is quick and easy, perfect for spring and those with oily skin like mine.

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