What Does 613 Mean In Hair?
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By UHAIR | 08 January 2016 | 0 Comments

What Does 613 Mean In Hair?

What Does 613 Mean In Hair?

In the vibrant world of wig fashion, hair color is an essential element that allows individuals to express their unique style and personality. One hair color that consistently turns heads and steals the spotlight is the enchanting "613." But what exactly is 613 hair color, and why does it captivate the hearts of wig enthusiasts? In this blog, we will demystify the allure of 613 hair color, explore its characteristics, and delve into the enchanting realm of 613 blonde wigs.

What Does 613 Mean In Hair?

The Essence of 613 Hair Color

613 hair color is a striking shade of blonde that is often described as "platinum blonde" or "bleach blonde." It derives its name from the standardized color code used in the hair industry, where "6" represents blonde shades, and "13" signifies an ultra-light or platinum variant.

Characteristics of 613 Hair Color:

Radiant Brilliance: 613 hair color is known for its dazzling, almost white-blonde appearance. It boasts a radiant brilliance that exudes sophistication and charm.

Versatility: This shade is highly versatile, serving as an excellent canvas for various hair styling options. It complements both bold and subtle makeup looks and can be paired with a wide range of outfits.

Head-Turning Impact: 613 hair color has a head-turning impact that instantly draws attention. It's a shade that exudes confidence and flair.

Ideal for Customization: If you desire a personalized look, 613 serves as an excellent base for coloring, allowing you to experiment with pastels, vibrant hues, or dark roots for added dimension.

613 Blonde Wigs: Embracing the Radiance

Blonde wigs in the enchanting 613 hair color are a sought-after choice in the world of wig fashion. Here's why they're adored:

Natural Appeal: High-quality 613 blonde wigs are crafted to mimic the appearance of real hair. They offer a natural look and feel that's perfect for those seeking an authentic style.

Styling Freedom: 613 blonde wigs provide the freedom to style, curl, or straighten them just like natural hair. You can easily customize your wig to suit your desired look.

Instant Transformation: With a 613-blonde wig, you can achieve a dramatic transformation instantly. Whether you're seeking a glamorous red carpet look or everyday elegance, these wigs have you covered.

Low Maintenance: Maintaining a 613 blonde wig is relatively straightforward. Regular care and gentle handling ensure its longevity and continued radiance.


613 hair color, also known as platinum or bleach blonde, is a captivating shade that adds a touch of radiance and sophistication to wig fashion. Its brilliance, versatility, and head-turning impact make it a favorite choice among wig enthusiasts. 613 blonde wigs take this enchanting color to the next level, offering a natural look and endless styling possibilities. Whether you're looking for a bold style statement or an elegant everyday look, 613 blonde wigs empower you to express your individuality with confidence and flair in the ever-evolving world of wig fashion.

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