What to Wash Human Hair Wigs With?
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By UHAIR | 27 July 2007 | 0 Comments

What to Wash Human Hair Wigs With?

In today's blog, I'm going to walk you through the step-by-step process of washing your wavy human hair wigs. Let's dive in:

✅.Prepare Your Washing Station: Start by filling a small tub with water. Add a few pumps of shampoo and mix it around with your hand to create a foamy lather. It's essential to ensure that the water is adequately mixed with the shampoo before proceeding.
✅.Detangle and Pre-Treat: Before wetting your wig, gently brush it out to remove any tangles. Pay special attention to the wig lace front, handling it delicately to avoid damage. Once detangled, dip the wig into the water and use the dipping method to distribute the shampoo throughout the piece.
✅.Address Build-Up: Focus on areas prone to build-up, such as the lace front and the nape of the wig. Apply a small amount of shampoo directly to these areas and gently work it into a lather. Be careful not to tangle the hair while focusing on these areas.
✅.Rinse and Condition: Empty the dirty water from the tub and refill it with clean water. Continue the dipping method until the water runs clear and free of suds, indicating that all shampoo residue has been removed. Once rinsed, apply a conditioning mask to the mid-lengths of the 360 lace front wig, avoiding the knots and weft areas.
✅.Allow to Sit and Rinse Again: Let the conditioning mask sit for about five minutes before rinsing it out under a gentle flow of water. Use your hand to squeeze out any excess water, ensuring the wig is thoroughly rinsed.
✅.Pat Dry and Brush: Wrap the wet wig in a towel and gently pat out any excess water. Use a paddle brush to gently brush through the wig, allowing it to dry smoothly.
✅.Air Dry Properly: Place the damp wig on a collapsible wig stand, ensuring the lace front human hair is not stretched or manipulated. Allow the wig to air dry completely, ensuring proper airflow throughout the cap to maintain its shape.

What to Wash Human Hair Wigs With?
By following these step-by-step instructions, you can ensure that your human hair wigs remain clean, soft, and beautiful, ready to be styled and worn with confidence.

We can look at Daniel's detailed steps reference: 
I'm gonna do step-by-step instruction on how I wash my human hair wigs, to start the washing process I take a little tub and I fill her with water, I grab my shampoo and I do a few little pumps, I then take my hand and I mix around the water to create like a foam lather, I would say once the tub is filled I take my piece and I like to brush her out, because I'd like to make sure that all the tangles are removed before I get her wet, once she's wet it's going to be really hard to smoothen out any of the tangles,  I like to put my thumb on top but away from the lace front, this is the most delicate portion of your piece, so I handle it really with care, and I'm going to dump her  in the water and do this dipping method, and this will distribute the shampoo throughout the piece, and I'm just going to keep doing it until I feel like the soap gets nice and icky, now I want to pay attention to the lace front, so the build up from my free spray method is there's makeup, there's Gunk there so I'm going to take a little bit of shampoo, I pumped a little bit of shampoo, I'm gonna place it on the underside, and I'm going to gently work in the shampoo till she builds a little lather gets nice and foamy in that area, and then I keep going because around your face you have makeup, but I'm only rubbing on the underside, I'm not rubbing the hair on the outside because I don't want to tangle it, so I'm only rubbing in the areas that sweat and makeup, really form a build up you can also do that in the nape of your piece, because we sweat and it kind of just creates this buildup, so I'm gonna do the dip method once more. I'm going to show you the build-up is gone, so it's nice and clean in that area, now I want to empty, you can see the water how dirty it is, so this is how dirty the water gets just from a few wears, I like to wash my piece six to eight wears. now I'm gonna dump the dirty water, I'm gonna turn my sink on again, and I'm going to fill up my tub again. I'm going to let that fill up, I'm going to do the dip method once more and get any residue left of the shampoo, so until the water kind of runs clear and doesn't have any more Suds I'll keep dipping. I just grabbed the hair and kind of tug out all of the extra water in the piece, I will lay the piece down now in the tub for a minute while I grab some masks. so I'm gonna put a little bit of conditioning, mask a deep conditioner mask in my hand, with one hand, I like to distribute it through my through with my hand right here and then, I will place it through the mid-lengths of the piece, I try not to get towards the knots the area where the piece is tied and weft because I don't want any of the hair to loosen, and then end up losing some density of hair. so I'll just rub that through get any extra off of my hair I mean off of my hand, okay I take a comb and I use this to distribute the conditioner through the piece, so with by using the comb I'm not necessarily getting so close to the wefts and to the knots, but I'm able to distribute the mask the conditioner to moisturize the piece, and now I'm gonna let it sit in the tub for about five minutes, well that was fast, I will turn the water on now, and I'll have it go at like a small trickle, so it's not so much pressure that would place on the piece, and I'm gonna Place her underneath the flow of water and allow the conditioner to clear out, and I just keep rubbing my hand through,  I'm still holding my lace front  top in a very delicate ways, that I'm not messing with it too much foreign, I keep this tub in here because I am using my kitchen sink, I'm gonna empty her out and continue rinsing, again I'm using my hand to kind of squeegee out any excess water. next, I'm going to take a towel and I'm going to wrap my wig up and pad out again, I'm going to grab her in my delicate way to keep the lace top nice and secure and safe. I'm going to gently brush her with my paddle brush, just to allow her to dry nice and smoothly. I fold up my towel, I place my collapsible wig stand on the counter, and now I'm going to place the piece to be mindful of the lace front, that she's not going to be stretched, I'm letting the lace front kind of stay in a position where it's not going to stretch or be manipulated. in any way, the reason I use a collapsible wig stand is because you want air to flow throughout your whole cap. if you were to put it on a canvas Blockhead you have a probability of stretching out your cap and then your your wig won't fit right anymore, so now she'll sit like this for the rest of the day and get dry.


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